German Conjunction

Definition: Conjunctions are words that join other words, clauses, or sentences. There are many types of conjunctions that indicate different kinds of connection: inclusion, alternative, exclusion, contrast, time, cause, effect, purpose, condition, doubt, etc.

Examples in German:

The small plane comes from Spain and flies to Frankfurt.
Das kleine Flugzeug kommt aus Spain und fliegt nach Frankfurt.

This restaurant is good, but it is expensive.
Das Restaurant ist sehr gut, aber es ist teuer.

Coordinating Conjunctions

A coordinating conjunction connects two independent clauses. Both clauses use the word order they would have as independent sentences.

aber but, nevertheless (no mutual exclusion)
denn for, because anyway (for it so happens that)
oder or
und and
sondern rather, but (shows contrast, mutual exclusion) When using sondern, the first main clause must contian some sort of negation such as nicht or kein.

Examples in German:

He knows but doesn't tell me.
Er weiß es, aber er sagt es mir nicht.

I love him but he doesn't have any money.
Ich liebe ihn, aber er hat kein Geld.

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