Definite article

Definition: Definite articles are used to indicate specific nouns If you are talking about a specific person, animal, place, event, thing, or idea, you use a definite article(the). the genders of German nouns are typically shown by way of an accompanying definite article: der (masculine), die (feminine), or das (neuter).

The German definite articles are:

  Masculine Feminine Plural
Nominative der Brief die Tasche die Leute
Accusative den Brief die Tasche die Leute
Dative dem Brief der Tasche den Leuten
Genitive des Briefes der Tasche der Leute

Nominative das Mädchen
Accusative das Mädchen
Dative dem Mädchen
Genitive des Mädchenes

Examples in German:

The letter = Brief
The bag = Tasche
The girl = Mädchen
The people = Leute

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