Demonstrative pronoun

Definition: Demonstrative pronouns have the same function and decline the same way as definite articles.They correspond to English pronouns such as :

this dieser
some mancher
each, every jeder
such solcher
that jener
which welcher


The pronouns dieser and jener are inflected in the same way. In German, the demonstrative adjectives (der, die, das), and (dieser, diese, dieses) with the noun dropped are used as demonstrative pronouns with the exception that the dative plural of the first group, der, as a pronoun becomes denen. The demonstrative pronouns followed by hier ("here") and da or dort (both meaning "there") are used to indicate "this" (near the speaker) and "that" (away from the speaker).

  Masculine Feminine Plural
Nominative der die die
Accusative den die die
Dative dem der denen
Genitive dessen deren deren

Nominative das
Accusative das
Dative dem
Genitive dessen

  Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative dieser diese dieses
Accusative diesen diese dieses
Dative diesem dieser diesem
Genitive dieses dieser dieses

Nominative diese this/ these
Accusative diese this/ these
Dative diesen to this/ these
Genitive dieser of this/ these

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