German Determiner

Definition: Sometimes words that come before a noun and modify it in some way are called 'determiners'. Articles, adjectives, pronouns, and other words can be used as determiners.

Examples in German:

The German demonstrative 'dieser (this)' is used as a determiner to show 'position' in the following sentence:

- This man is tall.
- Dieser Mann ist groß.

The German possessive 'mein (my)' is used as a determiner to indicate 'possession' in this sentence:

- Du liest meine Zeitschrift.
- You are reading my magazine.

Determiners can not stand alone. They must precede a noun, They must take case & gender markers based on that noun. Only one determiner can precede a noun, no more.) Determiners form a syntactic unit with their noun.

Der words in German:

English German
the der, die, das
this, these dieser
each, every (singular) jeder
those, that one jener
many a (one)plural: some mancher
such a (one) solcher
which (one) welcher
every, all alle (sometimes)

Ein words in German:

English German
a, an, one ein
no, not a, not any, none kein
my, mine mein
your, yours, thy dein
his, its sein
her ihr
your (plural) euer
their ihr
your (formal) Ihr
our unser

Examples in German:

I'm drinking no coffee. (I'm not drinking coffee.)
Ich trinke keinen Kaffee.

This book is interesting.
Dieses Buch ist interessant.

My brother is sick.
Mein Bruder ist krank.

Do you know my husband?
Kennst du meinen Mann?

I don't have any money. (I have no money.)
Ich habe kein Geld.

We are giving my father a pen.
Wir geben meinem Vater einen Kugelschreiber.

They are showing our children a movie.
Sie zeigen unsren Kindern einen Film.

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