Infinite verbs: only name the state of action, without giving other information. Most German infinitives end in -en with the exception of two that end in -n (sein, tun) and a handful that end in -ern (e.g. wandern, ändern) and -eln (e.g., handeln, sammeln).

You see me carry/carrying the blue bag.
Du siehst mich die blaue Tasche tragen.

It is healthy to eat fruit.
Es ist gesund Obst zu essen.

Transitive verbs: name actions that 'aim' at an object, either a thing or a person. These verbs need an object to be complete and to have sense. Verbs like 'bringen [to bring]' or 'tragen [to wear]', for instance, do not have sense unless we know what is being brought or what is being worn.

The postman brings the mail.
Der Briefträger bringt die Post.

The man and the woman take the taxi.
Der Mann und die Frau nehmen das Taxi.

Intransitive verbs: do not 'aim' at anything or anybody. Verbs like 'laufen [to run]' or 'fliegen [to fly]' describe actions that do not have an impact on an object.

Joseluis walks.
Joseluis geht.

This gray plane is flying.
Das graue Flugzeug fliegt.

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