Masculine: Male persons, animals days of the week, months and seasons, alcoholic beverage (but: das Bier!), geographical directions and most phenomena connected to the weather.

Nouns ending in -ig -ing -ast -ling -ich -or -us -m (usually), -er when derived from a verb, nouns derived from the stem of a strong (irregular) verb and not end in -t or -e.

Examples in German:

the man der Mann
the father der Vater
the American der Amerikaner
the teacher der Lehrer
the boss der Chef
the psychologist der Psychologe
Monday der Montag
April der April
the winter der Winter
the north der Norden
the butterfly der Schmetterling
the carpet der Teppich
the Tutor der Tutor
communism der Kommunismus
brother der Bruder
uncle der Onkel
son der Sohn
teacher(male) der Lehrer
salesclerk(male) der Verkäufer

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