A subordinating conjunction introduces a dependent clause, which uses dependent word order.

als ob as if
als wenn as if
als when (one occurance in past time)
außer dass &except if, except when
bevor before
bis until
da since because
damit so that, so
dass that
ehe before
falls in case, if
indem &by (do)ing (something)
nachdem after
ob if, whether
obwohl although
seitdem since
so dass so much that
sobald as soon as
solange as long as, provided that
sooft as often as
soviel as much as
soweit as far as
während while
warum why
was what
weil because (shows strong causality)
wenn if, under the condition that
weshalb why, for what reason
wie lange how long
wie how, as
wie oft how often
wieviel how much
wo where (at)
woher where (from)
wohin where (to)

Examples in German:

He buys so many clothes that he does not have any money left.
Er kauft sich so viele Kleider, dass ihm kein Geld mehr bleibt.

He works so much, that he is always tired.
Er arbeitet so viel, dass er immer müde ist.

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