German Pronunciation If your native language is English, you will have to exaggerate certain lip and mouth configurations in order to pronounce German words correctly. For example, to pronounce German vowels correctly, you must round or spread your lips much more, or place your tongue higher or flatter or further back in the mouth than required for any English vowel. Some German consonants are articulated at points where no English consonants are, or require less aspiration (release of air) than similar English consonants.

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German Vowels

German has long and short vowels. Although the long vowels may seem similar to certain English vowel sounds, they are significantly different, in that they are "pure" sounds, with no off-glide from one vowel sound to another. The short vowels are pronounced in a very clipped manner.

Pronouncing the 'Easy' Consonants

Most German consonant sounds are similar to those in English, except that several vary in pronunciation depending upon their environment. Also, the spelling of some consonant sounds is different in German from in English.

Pronouncing Difficult Consonants

The German language has a few combinations of consonants that don’t occur in the English language. Most of them are easy to pronounce, with the exception of “ch,” which is unfamiliar to the English tongue.

Stress and Accent Marks

The German accent is not really that different from English, and pronouncing German isn't as hard as it may seem. There are only a couple of sounds or sound-distinctions which do not appear in English.

German Silent Letters

In the German language, this letter is used in the digraph "ch" and the trigraph "sch" to indicate completely different sounds.

German Courses

German courses in Germany

German courses in Germany

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German courses in Austria

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