Stress and Accent Marks
The umlaut (, , , , ) is the only accent used in German writing. It alters the pronunciation of vowels in words.

Accent is generally on the first syllable, so that final syllables are usually very weak. One big exception to the accent rule is a group of very common prefixes: be [ba] ge [ga] er emp ent ver zer, which are unaccented. (gegben [gagayban], Geburt [gaboohrt].

Code for Accent:

Alphabet PC Macintosh
Alt 0228 Option + u then a
Alt 0246 Option + u then o
Alt 0252 Option + u then u
Alt 0196 Option + u then A
Alt 0214 Option + u then O
Alt 154 Option + u then U
Alt 0223 Option + S

German Stress and Accent Marks videos

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