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Die Farben

beige beige
black schwarz
blue blau
brown braun
dark blue dunkel blau
gold gold
green grün
grey grau
light blue hell blau
orange orange
pink rosa
purple violett / lila / purpur
red rot
silver silber
turquoise türkis
white weiß
yellow gelb


When the color is used as an adjective, you should add the letter "e" at the end of the word and you should place it right before the noun like in English, for example:
  • Das schwarze U-boot (The black submarine)
German adjectives are adapted to the noun depending on its form (masculine, feminine, neutral or plural). For example, the plural feminine form in German for "gelb" is "gelben". The plural masculine form would also be "gelben" and the same form applies to the plural neutral form.
  • Die gelbe blume (The yellow flower)
  • Die gelben Blumen (The yellow flowers)
  • Die gelben Stiefel (The yellow boots)
  • Die gelben Bücher (The yellow books)

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